If you are using water in your facility to transfer heat, then we have the knowledge, experience, chemicals, and equipment to help you. Working with Enerco Personnel and Products, your system's efficiency will be maintained or improved, without loss of component longevity. This can be accomplished by understanding the system's function, component materials, and the role and interaction of water in the system.

In general, developing this understanding comes from education and experience. When looking at a water treatment supplier make sure of the following:

  • the people in the company developing the products that will be used in your system have the education needed to formulate products that will be effective and will not harm your system
  • the company has sufficient experience to properly care for your system(s)
  • the individual doing the on-site work has the know-how  for caring for your system

Looking into these three areas, will save you frustration and loss of capital equipment in the long run.

Enerco's Product Development

At Enerco, our products are developed by degreed chemists. Each member of our product development team has worked developing formulations for water treatment for at least 5 years. The senior member has 25+ years experience.

Before any new product ships out the door to our valued customers, it undergoes extensive testing. Not only is it tested to assure effectiveness and to be certain no system damage will occur, it is stability tested.

Enerco's Experience

When Enerco was founded in 1977, the philosophy of the company was the same as it is today. Provide you with superior products that will reduce the overall cost of your operation by maintaining and increasing system efficiency and longevity.

In the beginning we focused on water treatment products. Today, this translates to 35+ years of experience in treating systems like yours.

Enerco's Professionals

Additionally, the sales and service representatives... the members of the Enerco team our customers know the best... are fully trained professionals.

Many joined Enerco with water treatment experience from their previous employment. Others became members of our team with none. In all cases, extensive training is given on proper usage and testing for Enerco products. General water treatment courses are taken when necessary. On-going training is a must.

This ensures the people at Enerco that you interact with the most - our field staff - will be knowledgeable.

In cases where needed, you can also rely on our fully-staffed technical support department. Not only do they have access to the information gathered by Enerco over many years, they all have field experience. There is a degreed chemist and a microbiologist as part of the staff.

Your Advantage

All these add up to the superior value you get when you use Enerco's products for your water treatment needs. Effective products, safe for your system, backed by unparalleled technical support and customer service.

Cooling Tower
There should be three primary goals to the treatment of water used in evaporative cooling applications. Depending on the water characteristics of the water being used in the system and the actual system design and operation, achieving one or more of these goals can become difficult. That is where the high-tech built inhibitors from Enerco, combined with our application knowledge and experience can make the difference for you.
Contains products use for treating closed, open, and semi-open loops. Both water-based inhibitors and glycol products are included in this category.
Water Treatment Cleaner
Enerco's philosophy is that keeping a system from fouling is far superior to having to clean it. However, sometimes HVACR systems need to be cleaned for any number of reasons. If you require removal of a specific soil, or are looking to perform a general cleaning, we have the product to suit you in our Water Treatment Cleaner line. These are specially designed for HVACR equipment and systems.
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