Listed in this section are some corrosion inhibitors for special applications, with some nifty special packaging.
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VpCI 105
Price: $146.00 USD
VpCI 105 Emitter, 2.25" dia x 0.75" high, packed 20/carton. Corrosion Protection for an enclosure up to 5 cubic foot.
VpCl 111
Price: $146.00 USD
VpCI 111 Emitter, 2.25" dia x 1.27" high, packed 10/carton. Corrosion protection for an enclosure up to 11 cubic feet.
VpCI-239 ElectriCorr
Price: $180.00 USD
ElectriCorr VpCI-239 can be safely applied for the corrosion protection of electronic circuits or relays without causing any significant changes in conductivity.
Cooling Loop Gator
Price: $306.00 USD
Cooling Loop Gator (4) 2.2 pound units 1 box protects up to 1000 gallon space
Boiler Lizard
Price: $280.00 USD
Boiler Lizard 3.3 pound bag 1 unit protects up to 1000 gallons of space

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