Products in this category can typically be used to remove a broad range of soils from a broad range of surfaces. Most will be applied manually; either by spray, foam, or soak tank. For additional information, refer to each product.
Look around your restaurant or food processing facility. You'll see a number of different surfaces that require cleaning because they get food residue or splashs on them, or simply because they are in a washdown area. Take the outside of equipment for instance. Or counter tops. Or racks, tray, and utensils. These are the areas where Enerco's general cleaners can make your life easier and free from soils.
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Aurora Blue
Price: $42.00 USD
Aurora Blue Restaurant Equipment Cleaner was developed for the removal of coffee stains and food residue in and around coffee machines. Today, it is used for easy removal of these and related soils from a variety of restaurant equipment. The high content of active ingredients in Aurora Blue is evidenced by its cloudy opaque appearance. This provides exceptional value over crystal clear competitive products.
NCC 550 Plus
Price: $21.00 USD
Non-Chlorinated Cleaner dry all purpose cleaner. Use NCC 550 to remove food residue from virtually any surface.
Intech PCMC
Price: $80.00 USD
Intech PCMC is a chlorinated fast acting all purpose cleaner. It is a dry product.
SS Polish
Price: $22.00 USD
Premium polisher for stainless steel and other surfaces needing a shine.
Solo II
Price: $28.00 USD
Powdered non chlorinated all purpose cleaner for heavy duty cleaning on soft metals.
Polisher 559
Price: $30.00 USD
Easy to use liquid stainless steel polisher to get the shine back on your stainless steel surfaces.

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