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Intech 52 is a powerful dry descaler designed for scale removal from a variety of heat transfer surfaces.  Intech 52 ships and stores dry -- you mix it with water at the time of use.  Once mixed and ready to use, the Intech 52 solution with be deep red in color.  As it chews on the scale in your equipment, if it begins to lose strength, the solution color will change to orange/yellow.  In this way, you have an easy method of determining if the solution you are using is effective.

Addtionally, Intech 52 is formulated with the highest quality corrosion inhibitors to protect bare metal surfaces during the descaling process.  Intech 52 is safe for use in descaling mild steel, cast iron, copper, and galvanized surfaces (some detrimental effect on galvanizing can occur with prolonged/improper use).

Intech 52 is the powerful,  safe, effective alternative to fuming liquid acid descalers.

Normally, a 5% solution of Intech 52 is used in the descaling process.  To prepare this solution, simple mix 2 pounds of Intech 52 with 5 gallons of water.

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