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Installation of a Washer Washer for processing your dirty Floor Scrubber water offers a number of advantages over other solutions for dealing with this wastewater stream. The Washer Washer separates the dirt and oil from the water and cleaner. So, the water and soap solution can be reused for a second, third, forth, and on and one trip around the plant cleaning your floors. The dirt and oil is concentrated in the system so that you have a 80-90% or better reduction in the amount of actual waste volume that your facility produces in the floor scrubbing operation. This truly is a system that you have to see to believe. Fortunately, we can carry in a small demo unit to show you with your actual dirty water what the system can do. Contact us today to have one of our field representatives demonstrate this technology for you.
Installed on-line to the side of your parts washer tank, the Washer Washer will continually clean your parts washer cleaning solution so that dirt and oil don't build up in the tank. You will get consitently clean parts out of this critical operation of your manufacturing process. Contact us today to learn more about how this exciting technology can make your life easier and add dollars to your company's bottom line.